The African

Our founders experienced firsthand a phenomenon often unspoken, yet very real to the Black community globally. They came across others who looked and seemed much like them, yet who in many ways due to an intricate past had become culturally different. There are people within the Black community around the world who are not regarded as 'African,' simply because they do not have immediate connection to the continent. Alpha Omega Eta African Sorority, Inc. acknowledges this issue because we realize that in some cases the separation can create hurt among a people whose scars already run deep.

There is an evident opportunity which we take to celebrate our beautiful uniqueness as a widely spread and historically rich people, and explore how we can support one another in our often shared challenges.

Taking the step to redefine the term 'African,' we make it known that we in our organization regard it as being a spirit and experience which crosses geographic, color and cultural boundaries. We recognize all who are of African descent living on the continent or in the Diaspora through willing or unwilling migration. Thus, we are an African sorority by redefinition.

Additionally, we are an African sorority because our principal mission is to uplift the African people through service - NOT because our membership only welcomes Africans. We expect that women of all colors and backgrounds will join us in leading in Love and Excellence, wherever they may hail from. We encourage each of our members to take the lessons, resources, and strength they gather from this sisterhood and put it to work in their own communities, and we support wholeheartedly, the endeavors of all our prestigious members. We work to promote global-mindedness, cultural diversity, respect and unity.

We openly celebrate our cultural diversity, pride, and unity in our sorority tradition of "prowling" - dancing in a line with synchronized movements to a wide array of upbeat music.