I. International Programs:

Etas Taking It Global 

Every year, Wanawake gather to take their service beyond their immediate communities. We believe that stepping outside of your comfort zone, and dedicating time toward giving is not only character defining, but the best education. In this way, we learn about other cultures, communities, ways of life, and about the challenges which face different people in various locations in Africa and her Diaspora. 

It's My Decade Campaign (2010 - 2020)

It's time to take back your future and your success. Join other African women in the decade-long celebration of all we can be this Africa Women's Decade (2010 - 2020)! Host or attend an It's My Decade! Campaign launching New Years house party! E-mail for information on how to Host or attend one! Join the Campaign! It'll be lots of fun!

Fun In The Sun Project For Africa

Alpha Omega Eta African Sorority, Inc. has a deep sympathy for children particularly who have been victims of terror and war, human rights abuse and poverty. Several cases in Africa have left children stripped of their childhood and exposed to images and experiences that haunt whole nations for long periods in relation to development. FS Africa simply brings laughter and childhood back to children in a simple yet lasting way, by building playgrounds in areas where children have nothing and nowhere to play and create memories. To us, this is just as important as buying a child a new pair of shoes. Happy and healthy children, make for a healthy and happy society.

II. Chapter Programs:

Dreamgirls Mentoring Program

Every sister of Alpha Omega Eta is encouraged to take time to mentor a young lady between the ages of  5 and 18. Every chapter in our sorority facilitates this by together mentoring a group of young ladies to encourage cultural pride and awareness, confidence, positive self-image, education, and volunteerism. We thank those that took the time to guide us on the path to greatness, and pass up not one opportunity to be a beacon in the life of another emerging great woman.

The College Think [T.A.Y.N.K.]

The Africa You Never Knew - a unique opportunity for us to educate our campus communities about the African experience. It's an interactive initiative designed to allow African students and faculty the chance to educate each other and friends of Africa on the real challenges that Africans face, but also the joys that we share as a people. It also presents people with an opportunity to discuss pertinent issues surrounding development from various perspectives.