Other Service Projects

We are involved with a number of service organizations that impact Africa, its diaspora and the world in general.

Some of the projects/activities we have undertaken include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Better World Books for Africa: Alpha Omega Eta African Sorority Inc. holds book drives on the Arizona State University campus. All books collected are sent to a select African country through Better World Books. In 2010, the books that were collected were sent to a university in Liberia.
  • Refugees: Some of our Chapters have worked very closely with refugee centers. As a sorority, a main source of our mentees stem from refugee organizations in the U.S. Most of these refugees have come from Africa and the Middle East.

  • Children and the Elderly: We have volunteered with different organizations to help children from low income communities and those with disabilities. A few of our chapters have worked with the elderly, including those with disabilities, helping them out with daily tasks, ensuring that they comply with their prescribed medication and assisting them with their relaxation activities.

  • Homeless Shelters: Our members also volunteer at various homeless shelters. They help in making food, packaging food, and distributing food to the homeless.
  • Women Empowerment: Our chapters host different events to empower women. This includes events that recognize outstanding women from Africa and its diaspora, events that encourage women to achieve their goals, events that enlighten people about health issues facing women, and so forth.

  • The Africa You do Not Know (TAYNK): The main goal of this program is to enlighten people on the various positive parts and aspects of the African Continent and its diaspora. Oftentimes, the Media emphasizes the negative conditions in Africa (which granted, is important to help raise awareness and garner help), failing to highlight the many positives associated with this great Continent. Alpha Omega Eta African Sorority, Inc. therefore seeks to rectify this issue via our TAYNK program to educate people on the beautiful culture, rich history, ethnic practices, diverse sights and sounds that are representative of Africa.

  • Others: We have participated in and run food drives, clothes drives, awareness programs about AIDS, cancer, and war in Africa during which we inform people about the ways they can help out.