Gathering the Pride

Alpha Omega Eta African Sorority, Inc. is looking for women who love people and are driven by the purpose of service to mankind. Giving is our primary business, and we do so by sacrificing our time, our minds, our bodies, and our resources to the furtherance of our communities.

To achieve Excellence in all that we do, Alpha Omega Eta African Sorority, Inc. requires high academic achievement due to our conviction that an educated mind is an empowered mind. We also require self-aware individuals with a clear mission and purpose which show commitment to our values and principles.

Alpha Omega Eta African Sorority, Inc. shall not discriminate against any woman based on race, religion, age, ancestry, color, nationality, disability, or political affiliation.

Membership into Alpha Omega Eta African Sorority, Inc. requires a Membership Intake Process. This MIP is intended to unify initiates and members and embrace them into the values, principles, mission, and vision of the organization. No behavior or activity which causes physical or mental harm to a person is ever accommodated by this organization; hazing is strongly prohibited.

Look out for a GTP Awareness Seminar on your campus. We encourage all interested women to also inquire with us for more information on membership by visiting our Contact page.  We accept membership at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels.